Monday, July 09, 2007

Iraq War: Quarterly Update

Coalition Military plus private army (mercenary) Deaths
2nd quarter 2007 .... 369 (4.1 deaths per day)
1st quarter 2007 ..... 266 (2.9 deaths per day)
War Total .......... 4,206 (2.7 deaths per day)

Mercs deaths totaled 13 in this past quarter, 14 in the first quarter, and 404 for the entire war. Almost certainly, the mercenary (contractor) death toll is higher than this as these private armies are under no obligation to accurately report their casualties and have considerable incentive to under report. The rate at which mercs are dying in this war is declining from the average of 20 deaths per quarter as the regular army is taking the burden away from the contract killers.

The second Fallujah campaign, November 2004 through January 2005, barely stands as the record, but only if we include the soldiers-for-hire. A total of 376 from the occupation forces, including a record 32 mercs, died during that three month period.

There have been 116 American servicemembers who have committed suicide during this war without end, probably more. There is no official count of fragging incidents.

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