Monday, July 23, 2007

Bush Hasn't Hit Bottom Yet

Via, the latest ABC/Washington Post poll (pdf file) puts Bush's disapproval mark at 65%. Since the end of World War II the lowest disapproval polling was 66% for Richard Nixon just before he resigned. Bush is within the margin of error of the worst disapproval polling in recorded history. Half the nation, 52%, strongly disapprove of Bush.

Bush's Bitsy Base
Bush's base is a tiny 16%. That is how many Americans want to increase the American military force in Iraq. Fify-six percent want a deadline for Iraq withdrawal and two-thirds of them want to withdraw even if the result will be al Qaeda terrorist bases in Iraq or an Iraqi civil war.

Take Away Bush's Toy
As I have surmised, the public dissatisfaction with Congress is entirely due to its inability/unwillingness to take Bush's war toys away from him. Sixty percent want Congress to have the final say on the Iraq War; only 30% want Bush to have that power. About half, 49%, believe Democrats in Congress are not doing enough to end the Iraq War. The other half is split between Democrats who oppose the war but support the Democrats in Congress and pro-war Republicans who oppose the very idea of Congress.

The Rise of Cheney
Well, not really rise, but for the first time I can remember Cheney's polling numbers are better than Bush's. Cheney's approval is 34% (Bush is 33%); his disapproval number is 59% (Bush is 65%). Even the Dark Lord is more popular than George Bush.

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