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What Happened on August 8, 1938

I recently read the Chicago Tribune from 79 years ago. It was a fascinating look into the past.
Nazi Bible
This was what I was looking for, an article written by Rev. John Evans. In the 1930's, Nazis decided to remove all references to Jews from the Bible. Gone was the entire Old Testament. Jesus was no longer descended from the Hebrew King David, his origin was now Germanic.

Concepts like "thou shall not kill" and "turn the other cheek" are nowhere to be found, to be replaced by the commandment to "keep the blood pure" and "Honor your Fuehrer and master." Cries of "Hosanna" were changed to "Heil."  Nationalism replaced peace as the driving command of faith.

Chicago Aliens Rush for Citizenship
Page five had an article on the doubling of people becoming naturalized citizens. This was considered a good thing. The bulk of the new citizens were Polish, escaping likely invasion from Germany and Russia, as well as refugees from fascist Germany and Italy.

Southern Invasion
Also on page five was an article about 2500 National Guardsmen practicing to defend Chicago. The scenario for this war game was that nine states of the old Confederacy split from the Union and, allied with a foreign power, invade the north to secure its industrial cities.

Palestine Troubles
Barclays Bank in Hebron, Palestine firebombed in 1938.
Tucked way back on page 16 is the story of British Colonial Secretary Malcolm MacDonald's secret mission to Palestine to witness the continuing violence of Jewish terrorists and Arab rioters. MacDonald, in a statement, pledged to restore peace to the region.

War News
While Germany wasn't involved yet, World War II was already raging in Asia and Spain.
The battle of Ebro in Catalonia would continue for several more months. On this day, the Loyalists had driven back the fascist Nationalists, reversing gains that had been made with the support of the German Luftwaffe.

Russia's Red Army was engaged in skirmishes with Japan along the Russia-China border. Both sides warned against this leading to full scale war.

In Sports
Both the Cubs, who would eventually win the pennant, and White Sox split doubleheaders. Dodgers firstbase coach Babe Ruth was thrown out of the game for arguing with an umpire. Detroit slugger Hank Greenberg was ahead of Ruth's 60 home run record; he would end the season with 58 homers.

The Dow Jones Average was at 145.67, up from its Depression bottom of 41.22 but it wouldn't reach its 1929 high until 1954. You could buy a mink dyed muskrat hair coat for $125 while Persian lamb coats sold for up to $495. Men's suits sold for under $50. A ham sandwich, with pickle, was advertised for 15 cents at the Triangle restaurant on West Randolph.

A 1932 Nash was going for $75 while a brand new Buick convertible would cost $1500.

Want ads 
Grinding horseradish at a Jewish fruit and veg store in Chicago, 1938
"Day work, Colored" at $2.50 a day, experience and references required. Experienced salesmen, men only, could expect $30 to $40 a month. One ad was looking for a male clerk for a fruit and vegetable store, Jewish preferred. Another wanted a 15 year-old Gentile (no Jews) boy to train as a typesetter. A plant superintendent could expect $6000 annual salary.

Women had limited job opportunities. A private secretary with bookkeeping experience could get $110 a month while a typist topped out at $70 a month. A good housekeeper would be worth $25 a month or $7 a week plus carfare. Then there is the ad for fifteen cocktail waitresses, must be very attractive, who will get 25 cents an hour plus tips.

Rooms could be rented for $8 a week or $30 a month and up. A five room Portage Park house was being offered for $5000. Other homes were going for $400 down and $29 a month, so if you could scrape together the down payment it was cheaper to buy than rent.

Letters to the Editor
Complained about high taxes, disrespected doctors, and junk mail.

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