Friday, August 25, 2017

Hurricane and Other Harvey's

Harvey the Hurricane
Galveston damage from hurricane Ike in 2008. Ike had a foot of rain, Harvey is predicted to drop three feet.
The director of FEMA was only confirmed for the job two months ago, so he probably by now knows where the paperclips are stored. By accounts, he is not an imbecile, so that's good. There is no director of Homeland Security, the department is being run by a career civil servant which is probably a blessing unless Trump appoints Jared to oversee the recovery.

As for Trump, he is spending the weekend when a biblical level flooding of southeast Texas is happening like he spends every weekend, playing golf. This time he will be at Camp David because it is cooler there than at his New Jersey course.

Harvey the Movie
The year 1950 saw a fun little movie starring James Stewart as a wealth eccentric whose best friend is a 6-foot rabbit.

Harvey the Song
Gotta go back to 1929 for this little jazz ditty written by Hoagy Carmichael and recorded by Irving Mills and his Hotsy-Totsy Gang. "Harvey's a sweet boy" as long as you don't turn your back on him.

Southwest Heatwave
Harvey is going to linger over Texas because of a blocking high pressure system that going to send thermometer breaking temperatures over Southern California.

As For Me...
The solar panels I've had installed last week will let me run my air conditioner during the heatwave without drawing on the electricity grid. Suck on that Rick Perry.

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