Monday, August 28, 2017

Republicans and Their Jokes

I'm sick of Republicans go to excuse whenever they get caught saying something vicious, insensitive, or just plain stupid. "I was joking," they say.

If we are to take Republicans at their words, they are all just a bunch of clowns joking about such light-hearted things like police brutality, antisemitism, and how going blind is super presidential. Problem is, they don't know how to tell jokes.

A Guide to Republican Jokesters
1) If you are saying something vicious, choose your venue well. A speech is not a good venue to joke about police beating prisoners as people will take you seriously. Try a comedy club setting. Take the time to set up your joke, don't just drop a bomb. Also, always laugh at your vicious jokes to let people know you are being funny. Let Jimmy Carr show you.

2) While it is never good for a politician to joke about sexism and racism you can soften the blow by being so outrageous that no one will mistake you for a neanderthal misanthrope. This 1990's Harry Enfield skit would not be funny in a modern setting but having it look like a 1940 instructional film insures it is seen as a joke from the start.

3) Tucker Carlson should take a lesson from Gilda Radner on how to present a silly argument in a way it will not be taken for a seriously stupid statement.

Soviet Jewelry from Gal Beckerman on Vimeo.

I don't often give advice to Republicans but they really need to learn how to tell a joke or people will just assume they are all prejudice imbeciles.

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