Saturday, January 07, 2017

The Russians Are Here

Grabbing pussy?
If there was any doubt before it is all erased. The Russian bear has embraced America with its propaganda to save us from the tyranny of democracy.

What is surprising is how willing Trump and all Republicans are to be seen as Putin's puppies. They are not even trying to appear independent.

Trump and Republicans continue to dismiss Russian interference as either meaningless or a service to Americans.

Trump and Republicans have also stated rather clearly that they think US intelligence agencies are incompetent and unbelievable while Russian intelligence agencies are infallible. It is apparent that the only intelligence briefings they believe will come from Vlad Putin.

On a personal note, the Russians intense study of my little blog seems over. For five weeks after the election almost half of all the pageviews I had came from Russia. I was able to track them reading, literally, everything I've written here for the past eleven years. (Aside: Has it really been that fucking long?)  They read the insightful stuff as well as the stupid shit I'm kind of ashamed of.

That's all dried up. I guess they have completed their dossier on me. It was freaky but I kinda miss being spied upon.

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yeah, My stats are back to normal

I still have not figure out the reason other than promoting Russian sites