Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Popinjay's Mulligrubs

Trump's spokeslackey let slip a fascinating fact by admitting his lord and master is "demoralized." Poor Trumpy is depressed.

Trump had expected worship after he declared his inauguration a day of "patriotic devotion." What he got was giggles. Being President isn't the godlike experience he had expected.

Sure, Trump gets to sign royal decrees (executive orders) but they are boring. He doesn't even seem to understand what they say. This Daily Show clip shows Trump signing one of his executive orders, if you're impatient skip ahead to the five minute mark.

He could be signing a paper written in Bulgarian for all he knows. When he holds up the paper to show his signature his expression is utterly lugubrious. His is the face of a despondent puppet.

Then there is the constant whining. There may come a time when Trump finds the joy of being a petty despot, but for now it is just no fun at all.

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