Monday, September 12, 2016

The Weird Nexus Between Hillary Clinton and Masada

The final steps of the climb to Masada,
I took the tram.
I never thought this would be a presidential story.

On my trip to Israel last Spring I caught the flu. I wasn't going to let a little upper respiratory infection stop me so I went on my planned trip to the famous mountain top fortress of Masada.

After a brisk walk from the tram I was feeling a little light headed so I sat on the steps of an ancient building while our guide went through his spiel.

As we walked to the next site I stumbled, fell to one knee, and nearly fainted. The guide freaked out while I was a little embarrassed but calm because I knew what had happened, why, and what I needed to do (lay down for a few minutes).

The guide gave me water (I already had water) and an apple (which I needed) and I told him to take the group on the rest of the tour, I would be fine. After a little lie down I ate the apple, sharing it was a couple of friendly Tristram's starlings.
I was fine. I just pushed myself too hard while under the weather and now I'll need to go back to Masada some day.

People get light-headed from time to time, especially when you combine a respiratory infection with over six decades of life. And so, weirdly, I know exactly what Hillary went through over the weekend. The over-reactive concern of those nearby, the slight embarrassment, and the need to slow down for a few days when that is the last thing you want to do.

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