Friday, September 30, 2016

The Machado Distraction and the No-Fatties League

When Hillary brought up Alicia Machado and Trump's sleazy treatment of her I figured the memorable moment would be his pathetic whine, "Where did you find this?"
This is the woman Trump says was
60 pounds overweight at the time of this photo.
I forgot what Hillary and her team remembered, Trump has the emotional maturity of a three year-old. When faced with being dissed he gets obsessed to the exclusion of everything else, including sleep.

A sane person would have handled it with a single response and moved on. You know, exactly like he should have handled the Khizr Khan story.

It doesn't really matter what that response is, the important part is moving on.

But Trump can't let go. To the point of waking up in the middle of the night (2:14 am) to send out a series of Twitter blasts. And Trump demands his surrogates obsess over the Machado story too. Those surrogates are all over the news channels pitching detailed Machado smears like pedophiles offering candy to children.

Think for a moment what President Donald Trump would do during an international crisis like Putin threatening to invade Lithuania. He'll get up at a weird hour because he just thought up some insult to hurl at Angela Merkel because of some imagined slight. When the rest of the country wakes up several hours later NATO is torn asunder and Russian tanks are moving into all three Baltic states.

Because of Trump's obsessive-compulsive behavior the Machado story will take up significant time during the Veep debate and will probably come up during the second presidential debate on October 9. And it should because Alicia Machado's weight is clearly a major campaign issue to Donald Trump.

Trump's No-Fatties League
I never thought about nor noticed this until Trump's maniacal disdain for normal sized women became apparent. Trump has several women spokespeople and they all share two characteristics.
  • They are all skinny. Kellyanne Conway especially looks like she may even have an eating disorder.
  • They are all young and attractive. To use a word we all know from that crude jock in high school, they are all hittable
There are no fatties in the Trump campaign. Conway, Katrina Pierson, Hope Hicks, and the other Trump campaign women have not been chosen for their political experience but like they were contestants in one of his beauty pageants. It's actually weird and a little disturbing.

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Anonymous said...

As Hillary Clinton commented, what kind of person wakes up at 3 AM to send out a Twitter Storm?

This hole campaign makes my head hurt. My neck will be sore from shaking my head in amazement and incredulity for so many months.

But, maybe it is like NASCAR racing, people go for the collisions. To mix metaphors, we are hoping for the "entertainment" of a train wreck. Monday night was a great one. Nielsen said no one tuned away from the debate, no stop off toward the end. And, the wreckage and self imposed damage has been going on all week.