Wednesday, September 07, 2016

I Must Be Dying

Tatiana Berenova performing the Dying Swan from Swan Lake.
Last night I coughed while driving my sister-in-law home from the airport. As that notable medical expert Newt Gingrich has said, a cough is proof that death is nigh.

After I got home I had something to eat, watched some TV, and went to bed where I slept for over seven consecutive hours. As Donald Trump has repeated said, the need for sleep is a clear sign of failing health.

But there's more. I'm five years younger that Hillary Clinton. With slightly arthritic knees I like a little support going up or down stairs so I occasionally use the hand rails on stairs. The renown medical journal Brietbart News has had several articles showing that touching the banister is proof of a fatal illness.

And it gets worse. In the early 1990's I babysat a friend's cats and had an asthma attack due to an allergy to animal dander. There is nothing worse than a lingering death. It's clear I have been dying for decades now and I may only have another two or three decades left.

There is nothing I can do with death so near. I can vote, watch the next eight years of a Clinton presidency and maybe another two or three presidents after her. Life is so short.

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