Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Sniffles Debate

It will take a week or so for last night's debate to show up in polls. People need time to talk and think about what happened.
Everybody today is talking about Trump's sniffles. Trump, of course, has a conspiracy theory of a sabotaged mic. His supporters are blaming ragweed. I subscribe to Howard Dean's suggestion that Trump snorted too much cocaine because it explains his other symptoms like his uncontrollable manic behavior and inability to sleep at night.

Trump was going for an alpha-dog vibe with his constant interruptions of both Clinton and moderator Lester Holt. My impression is he came off more like a whiny chihuahua yipping at people's heels.
The one word to describe Clinton during the debate is "unflappable." She didn't let Trump's interruptions get under her skin, she remained calm and in control. Only time will tell whether that comes off as cool and presidential or cold and heartless.

My favorite line commenting on the debate is from a commentator on the conservative Townhall website, "[Trump] just doesn't have the stamina to fake sanity for an entire debate."

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