Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Trump's Illegal Fundraising

I've seen a lot of bizarre things come out of the rancid lump of protoplasm known as Donald Trump's brain but sending fundraising emails to foreign legislators is particularly peculiar. At minimum, he has sent appeals to Scotland, England, Iceland, Canada, Australia, Denmark, and Finland. Those are just the ones reporting to date.

The most generous excuse is that Trump's campaign manager Paul Manafort hired one of those sleazy Russian spam gangs he's friendly with to send out billions of messages to everyone on their list regardless of country or politics.

The second quarter ends tomorrow and the next FEC filing deadline is just three days before the start of the Republican convention. His campaign has said they've had millions of dollars in contributions in just a few days. If that money isn't there, and I suspect it isn't, then Trump is struggling to find the money somewhere to cover his empty promise. He doesn't care if the source is illegal.

And, of course, what Trump did is illegal. Previous far less pervasive cases of campaigns soliciting foreign money have been met with huge fines. If I were Hillary, on July 16 I'd demand an FEC audit of the Trump campaign to discover the extent of foreign funding of his campaign.

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