Sunday, June 30, 2013

Who Isn't an Enemy of the US?

Between Republican lawmakers, our Democratic President, and NSA spooks, pretty much nobody.
  • Russia and China, according to Snowden haters.
  • Ecuador, Iceland, and Venezuela according to government types afraid Snowden will find a place of refuge. 
  • North Korea and Iran according to Republicans jonesing for a shooting war somewhere.
  • Afghanistan, Algeria, Pakistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Mali, and Yemen according to the nerds killing people with Predator drones. 
  • The other 38 majority Islamic nations on earth according to Republican xenophobes.
  • The 28 nations of the European Union according to the NSA which spies on all of them.
  • Mexico, according to the Republican Party. 
  • Cuba because it's tradition.
  • All of Central America and the Caribbean, plus Colombia, Bolivia, and Peru according to the DEA.
If you add them all together, the United States considers more than three-quarters of the globe to be potential enemies. No wonder the US spends more on its military than the rest of the world combined and has a more invasive spy network than the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany combined.

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