Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Defending NSA Spying Fails

President Obama says the NSA spying program is "transparent." That's actually true but not in the meaning Obama suggests, openly operated. It is anything but that. The NSA programs is transparent in that it is invisible, unseen, and unseeable. It is so hidden that when a former Senate Intelligence Committee staffer wanted to explain in general terms the oversight process both the White House and Congress pissed their collective pants and forbade her.

The NSA head says their spying program has stopped "potential terrorist events over 50 times." Yet he can only give a couple of examples neither of which is very convincing. He claims the other examples are all top secret, which is another way of saying they don't exist at all or are even less convincing that the two public examples.

President Obama says "we should take pride" in the government's ability to spy on our daily lives. He thinks we should celebrate the fact that the United States has the largest, most intrusive, most comprehensive spy network in the history of mankind. We are better than the KGB, Stasi, and Gestapo were in their prime. USA! USA!

President Obama says the government "cannot and have not" spied on Americans. Except when they can and have with rubber stamp permission from a secret court or when they have done it by accident, through the numerous loopholes in the system, or just whenever they thought it was a good idea.

Congressman Mike Rogers has denounced opponents of government spying as "our enemies within [who have] become almost as damaging as our enemies on the outside." Since polls show 53% of Americans oppose the government spying that means that a majority of the nation is being classified as enemies of the state.

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