Saturday, June 22, 2013


It's been a long standing hypocrisy that Republicans will forgive any misdeed, however egregious, if the perpetrator is a "family values Republican." Newt Gingrich can discards used wives like tissue paper, David Vitter can consort with hookers, and Mark Sanford can abandon his family to chase Argentinian tail and then get caught stalking his ex-wife and all their deeds are forgiven by Republicans. It's so common it has been abbreviated IOKIYAR - It's OK If You Are Republican.

It is only fair to acknowledge that Democrats play the same game. President Obama's NSA has been caught spying on just about everybody in ways Dick Cheney could only dream of. If the Bush Administration had done such things we liberals would be screaming bloody murder. But a Democrat is in the White House and suddenly it's okay.

The argument appears to that it is better to get a needle in the eye than a stick in the eye. Me? I think getting stuck in the eye is bad no matter who is doing the poking. But being consistent in your outrage is just so out of fashion.

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