Saturday, May 04, 2013

California Fires - Revenge of Nusku

Massive wildfires are one of the things that makes Southern California such a wonderful place to live. Spring infernos are unusual, the fire gods like to romp in the early fall. May and June in SoCal are known for cool, foggy days, not Santa Ana winds creating natural blast furnaces.

Still, today we have a 20 square mile fire threatening the millionaire enclaves of Malibu, again. It happens every five years or so. By the way, Nusku was the Babylonian god of fire and he loves partying in Southern California.

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joel hanes said...

Much of California wants to burn every couple decades. Fire is part of the native ecological regime, and hard to prevent. The longer fire is suppressed in a place, the hotter and more destructive the fire when it comes, eventually.

And it almost always comes, eventually.