Monday, April 15, 2013

Scott Brown, Senate Shopper

In the post-Civil War south there was a class of politician, Republicans as it happens, who moved from northern states into the formerly rebellious states to take political offices. They were called Carpetbaggers after their practice of packing all their belongings in satchels made of old carpets. They were generally loathed as corrupt opportunists.

Scott Brown is a modern Carpetbagger. Having lost election in his home state of Massachusetts and having worn out his welcome in the Bay State with his generally sleazy politics, Brown is now shopping around for another state where he can return to all the perks and privileges of the Senate.

Oozing fake sincerity, Brown is claiming that all those years he was living and working in Massachusetts he was really, in the private reaches of his heart, a New Hampshirite. He may have gone to Boston College but he all the time he secretly rooted for Dartmouth.

Brown may well return to the Senate. All it takes is for the voters there to lose all their self respect.


Anonymous said...

A no-talent guy in search of a state that values no-talent guys to be in government.

Anonymous said...


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