Monday, April 22, 2013

Boston Bombing Conspiracy Theories

A writer for has compiled all the false flag, tin foil hat theories that the government was responsible for the Boston Marathon bombing. They are so easily debunked it is funny.

1. The Government Knew Gunpowder Was Used
Less than four hours after the bombs exploded the government knew gunpowder was used. One of the easiest things for bomb techs to discover is the type of explosive used. Tests for explosive residue can be completed in a matter of minutes. Within half-hour of the explosions everybody in law enforcement knew gunpowder was used.

2. Radiation Detectors Were Present
It's SOP for first responders to explosions to check for radiation. Besides, if the government was responsible their mysterious men in black caps would already know there was no radiation.

3. Men With Skull Logo Caps Were There
I can buy those caps on-line for $23. Marathon organizers had both private and public security. Security personnel wearing caps you can buy on-line is proof of nothing.

4. Security Had Backpacks
Just like the bombers. Wow! So did mothers with small children, were they part of the conspiracy?

5. Chris Kyle Is Dead
I have practice drawing lines between deaths in a conspiracy. You need more than one unconnected death of a guy hanging out at a gun range with a crazy person to make a web of intrigue. Besides, your patsies both had to die and Dzhokhar lives.

6. There Were Bomb Sniffing Dogs There
Just like at the Super Bowl and every other major sporting event where no bombs exploded. The conspiracy would be if there were NO dogs.

7. The Two Cars Conspiracy
I'd like this one if having two cars made any sense to a conspiracy. Much more likely is that the second photo is a picture of the wrong car.

8. FBI Interviewed Tamerlan
I'd like this one too except the FBI interviews scores of thousands of who end up not being suspicious. It may just mean the FSB is better at recognizing disgruntled Chechens than the FBI.

9. Mom Says They Are Innocent
What mother of spree killers doesn't say that about their children? Proves nothing.

10. 'False Flag'
The ubiquitous proof that says if there might have been a conspiracy sometime in human history that proves this event is also a conspiracy.

I love a good conspiracy theory. This one is quite pathetic.

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