Monday, May 14, 2012

South Carolina Election Purge

In Iran the Guardian Council has the right to approve all legislative candidates prior to any elections. They routinely disqualify scores of candidates they disapprove of.

South Carolina has the same system run by their version of the Guardian Council mullahs - the South Carolina Supreme Court. Those five mullahs on the court recently disqualified 179 candidates for office in the state on an obscure technicality.
They wore robes, like any self-respecting cabal.

The most sinister part of this plot by the rightwing court is the ruling is deliberately designed to protect incumbents as it only applies to challengers in a race. Incumbents are immune from the ruling.

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joel hanes said...

Evil : see Arendt, Hanna, banality of

or in other words

"Experience has shown that there is no action so wicked that even an honest man will not do it if he is borne out by the opinion of those with whom he habitually associates.
John Stuart Mill