Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Beckism in the Pews

It is becoming clear that Glenn Beck believes he will be personally responsible for a religious revival in the United States. What is not clear is exactly how his delusions will play out.
  • Elijah - According to Armageddonites the Second Coming will be preceded by the return of Elijah. This belief is strong within Beck's Mormon faith. Beck is sufficiently insane to believe that he, himself, is Elijah.
  • The Antichrist - Beck has self-proclaimed himself as the savior of faith in the United States. That is pretty close to role Armageddonites believe old AC will fill.
  • Father Charles Coughlin - Coughlin was a radio preacher and Nazi-sympathizer who spent most of the years prior to WWII attacking President Roosevelt. Replace Coughlin's hatred of Jews with Beck's hatred of Muslims and we've got a carbon copy.
  • Jim Jones - But perhaps Beck plans to merge the Tea Party Movement and his unique hate-based faith into a new religious cult with him as its prophet. His ego wouldn't be satisfied with anything less than millions of gullible Americans worshiping him.

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