Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Evils of Religion

I don't actually hate religion. For example, I have not met a Quaker who did not impress me as thoughtful and caring. But, there are several important aspects of many of the world's religions that can only be described as evil.

Certainly the most pervasive evil of religion is when it teaches hatred of others. Wahabi Muslims, Mormons, and Southern Baptists are three modern sects where intolerance is a major sacrament.

People are always murdering each other over often petty matters of dogma. Catholics wear the blood of centuries of inquisitions as they tried to stamp out competing faiths. Here is a modern Catholic defense of inquisitions. Countless wars have been fought over religion. Excluding disease, religion is the most frequently cause of death in human history.

Wahabi are infamous for requiring women to dress the same way nomadic Arabs did in the 10th century. Mormons prescribe sacred underwear. As long as they keep their prudery to themselves I don't care. But....

In Israel, ultra-orthodox Jews will attack tourists for immodest dress. American fundamentalists are debating whether to kill homosexuals or lock them up in concentration camps. Book banning is popular with Republicans. Many religions insist on forcing their bizarre morality upon everybody else.

Wherever there is prudery there is also hypocrisy. Family values Republicans carrying on affairs. Fundamentalist pastors with gay lovers. Catholic priests molesting children. They would impose on others a morality they would never practice themselves.

I don't care if some people want to believe that the universe is 5000 years old, that God shits and has a penis, or that when you die you become a god over your own planet. What bothers me is when they want to teach children these myths are facts.

Whether it is Muslims in Pakistan refusing to teach children anything other than the Koran or Baptists in Texas forcing religion-based phony science on public schools the motive is the same, keep their idea of God alive by keeping people stupid.

Fundamentalists fear science and truth because they know their concept of God requires a childlike faith. They honestly believe that knowledge is the greatest sin of all.

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