Monday, April 28, 2008

Poor Little Richie Rich

It's miserably hot her in SoCal, fires near LA and thermometers kissing three digits around San Diego is not our usual April weather, so maybe I'm just in a bad mood. I can't feel sympathy about the AP story that millionaires "don't feel wealthy" in this Republican economy.

When 19% of these gits with over $3 million in investments say they don't feel wealthy they mean they can't buy two brand new Beemers and a Hummer this year, vacation villas in Tuscany have gotten too pricey, and they can't afford to upgrade the trophy wife this spring. Sorry, I don't even have a few crocodile tears.

It is far easier for these millionaires to live within their means than those folks who are having a hard time earning enough salary to pay for the gasoline to get to work. What is causing the rich to whine is they no longer can afford the opulent extravagance they have grown used to. The gild in the Gilded Age is getting tarnished.

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