Friday, April 18, 2008

Hillary Backers Unravel

Barack Obama scratched his cheek last night and the Hillaryites are livid.

I've seen this on a local level. A decade before Reese Witherspoon went postal in the movie "Election" a San Diego City Council candidate I knew was walking precincts in a lost cause when he cracked and started ripping out opposition yard signs. I've seen individual candidates break under the pressure of losing an election they expected to win. I've never before seen an entire population of supporters go mental like this.

Barack Obama's cheek itched last night. The Hillary supporters at TalkLeft and Taylor Marsh are convinced his reflexive scratch was a horrible affront to Clinton. It seems the finger used in the scratch was the longest available in the handset. You know, the middle one.

Read the comments to the above blogs and you will see what mass insanity looks like. It is not funny, it is not sad, it is frightening. These people have worked themselves into a paroxysm of hate. It is has not been enough to support their candidate. It has not been enough to oppose their opponent. These efforts have failed. They are reduced to overreacting to every gesture; to seeing consuming evil in every twitch. I have witnessed bitter campaigns in the past, I have never seen anything like this.

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