Thursday, April 03, 2008

The Clinton's Gilded Age

ABC News reports the Clinton's have made over $50 million dollars during the Bush years. That probably wildly understates their wealth.

According to the report, Bill has made $47 million from more than 280 personal appearances. That is over $160,000 per speech. He got $650,000 from just four appearances representing investment bank Goldman Sachs. He got $800,000 for four days with an oddly obscure Columbian outfit called Gold Services International. I can find out virtually nothing about either the organization, their website appears moribund, or their president, Gustavo Mutis Ruiz. Still, they paid Bill Clinton $200,000 a day ($8,333 an hour assuming Bill didn't sleep) for ... what, exactly?

The Power Within, at least, exists. They paid Bill $650,000 for a few speeches in 2005. He made a repeat appearance in 2006 and his 2008 tour speaking is scheduled for two Canadian cities. Tickets are $2,000 (CAD) with a photo of Bill and only $140 (CAD) to just listen. There is the Cayman Island investment firm Yucaipa Global Partnership, which has paid Bill an unknown amount of money to be a partner in the firm and paid him $20 million just to leave it this year. Hillary Clinton got $8 million from Simon & Schuster for her book Living History. Bill Clinton got $10 million from Alfred A. Knopf for My Life.

ABC's estimate of $50 million grossly understates the wealth the Clinton's have accumulated the past seven-plus years. Make it closer to $100 million. The post-presidential gravy-train has been very good for the Clintons. No wonder they want a second spin around the track.

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