Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Nice Guy In Politics,
Who'da Thunk It?

I was really struck by this story that Bill Richardson tells.
I had just been asked a question -- I don't remember which one -- and Obama was sitting right next to me. Then the moderator went across the room, I think to Chris Dodd, so I thought I was home free for a while. I wasn't going to listen to the next question. I was about to say something to Obama when the moderator turned to me and said, 'So, Gov. Richardson, what do you think of that?' But I wasn't paying any attention! I was about to say, 'Could you repeat the question? I wasn't listening.' But I wasn't about to say I wasn't listening. I looked at Obama. I was just horrified. And Obama whispered, 'Katrina. Katrina.' The question was on Katrina! So I said, 'On Katrina, my policy . . .' Obama could have just thrown me under the bus. So I said, 'Obama, that was good of you to do that.' ~ source
I was so struck by it that I did a massive cut-and-paste; I never do that. How many politicians would have just looked at Richardson, smiled, and left him hanging? That would be the hardball, political thing to do. Helping your opponent - it's just not done!

Some people will claim this is proof that Barack is not cutthroat enough to be president. Some people will say that Obama does not have the "kick 'em all in the balls" attitude that Democrats need. Worst of all, for some, it was altruistic. If Richardson hadn't talked about it no one would have even known; how can Obama hope to win if he does things without demanding credit?

As for me, I like the idea of a president who hasn't sacrificed his humanity on the altar of ambition. I just hope I'm not alone.

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PoliShifter said...

It used to be that people talked about rising above conflict, about over coming evil with good thoughts and good deeds.

The problem with Democrats is they never rise above the conflict and they also can't fight.

So far it seems Obama does have the ability to rise above the conflict and redirect the focus of the country.

For minute there Billary had dragged him down in the mud with them but he's climbed back out.

Let' hope he stays out of the mud now.