Tuesday, November 13, 2007

What's With DiFi?

There is a movement here in California by Democratic Party activists to censor our senator, Dianne Feinstein, for her repeated betrayal of the Party and the Constitution. I been reluctant to write about DiFi for the simple reason I can't figure out why she has become such a Bush toady.

Is She a Sell-Out?
Her husband, Richard C. Blum, is a well known war profiteer. He got well over a billion dollars in military contracts between 2001 and 2005 while his wife was ranking member of the Senate Military Construction Appropriations subcommittee.

Is She Being Extorted?
There are rumors that the Justice Department is sitting on an indictment of Blum and that it will continue to hold the indictment as long as Feinstein is a loyal Bush vote. I can't find a verifiable source, just lots of vague rumors. Vim and Vinegar speculates as well as anyone about this.

Is She Senile?
Feinstein has aged markedly the last few months. She is 74, but she is an old 74. And as we all know, there is little practical difference between Alzheimer's and being a Neo-Con. Her explanations of her support for Judge Leslie Southwick and Michael Mukasey border on the bizarre.

Or, Does She Really Believe This Shit?
Does she see herself as the new Neo-Conservative voice within the Democratic Party, the successor to Joe Lieberman?

I just don't understand her but she seems determined to spend her last term in the Senate spitting in the eyes of her former friends. It is a pity, and a greater pity that innocent people will suffer and die because of her.

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Just Wondering said...

Thanks for the link. I hadn't heard the "vague rumors" about any indictment (I was really making what I thought was an outrageous joke), but I don't live in California ... are you kidding me? People actually think there's some "there" there? If so, that's just sad.
Anyway, thanks again for the link. Peace.