Thursday, November 01, 2007

Is BlackWater Running Guns into Iraq?

NBC reports that BlackWater (may have) exported silencers into Iraq. The question is, why?

BlackWater has been buying silencers by the gross (more than 100) according to a former SWR Manufacturing official. This investigation into silencers is part of a larger probe alleging that BlackWater is smuggling guns into Iraq for sale in the Iraqi black market. People with legitimate needs for silencers, such as Special-Ops soldiers, don't need to shop for weapons on the black market. Who, inside Iraq, would want to buy silencers on the black market? The answer is militias and death squads.

Cutting through the crap, the allegation is that BlackWater is smuggling arms for sale to Iraqi insurgents. Given my personal opinion of BlackWater, I believe these allegations. Mercenaries don't have sides, they are just in war for the money. If they can find a way to profit from both sides of a war, they will consider it good business.

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