Thursday, June 14, 2007

Warrior President

I know that I have been critical of President Bush, but I have to agree with Tony Snow today. President Bush has been on the front lines in Iraq almost every day for the past four years.
Here (left) is Bush returning from a bombing mission in 2004. On that mission he single-handedly wiped out four divisions of Iraqi Republican Guard and killed Osama bin Laden. On his return to the aircraft carrier Bush jumped out of his plane in flight to rescue a small child who was going to be accidently struck by one of his bombs. Frightened, the child had jumped in the Tigris River and was drowning. Bush grabbed the child from the river while catching the bomb with his teeth (no photo is available). Bush then jumped back into his plane as it circled at Mach 1.

Here (right) is Bush holding the sword with which, in 2005, he defeated 400 crack Al Qaeda soldiers and killed Osama bin Laden by cutting off his head.

Here (left) is a photo of that time in 2006 when he faced Osama bin Laden at high noon on the streets of Baghdad. Bush waited until bin Laden slapped leather, outdrew the varmit, and plugged him between the eyes with one shot.

Below (down there, not his groin) is our great Warrior President in 2007 pulling the plan for the Iraq surge out of his skull in a painful sacrifice of his own brain cells. After this picture was taken, Bush put down the microphone, went outside, and rescued an Army convoy that had been surrounded by Iraqi insurgents. Bush killed 3,000 of the enemy on that day, including Osama bin Laden. He killed bin Laden twice that time, setting a personal record.

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