Friday, June 29, 2007

Quick Takes

You'll Probably Guess I'm a Dog Guy
Scientists have concluded that we did not domestic cats, they domesticated themselves. Cats started hanging out with humans because our civilization attracted their food; they came in with the rodents. Which just means that things would be very different if it were the rats who were cute, cuddly, and tended to purr.

Evidence I am Mentally Deranged
I must be insane, but I just agreed with Charles Krauthammer. The way to decrease our dependency on oil is to raise the bloody tax on gasoline. The price of gasoline is $6 to $7 a gallon in most of Europe, as much as $4 of the cost is tax. Krauthammer would even balance the regressive nature of such a tax by reducing the payroll tax to compensate. If the price is dear, fewer people will waste it.

At Least I'm Saner than San Diego Padres Management
The Padres have acquired Milton Bradley, the baseball player not the game company. Bradley is crazy and not in a quirky, fun kind of way but in a "he scares the shit out of children" kind of way. Bradley beat his wife, she is divorcing him. He has physically attacked fans, called white teammates racists and black sports reporters Uncle Toms. Milton Bradley is one of those ballplayers that wherever he goes he instantly makes his team worse by his mere presence. It is telling that the habitually frugal Oakland A's are willing to give him away.

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