Sunday, June 03, 2007

Airport bomb plot...Really??

Maybe I'm just jaded, but I am really getting tired of all these terrorist plots that garner massive headlines on how our ever vigilant government has saved us from a horrible fate. Only later, we find out these "plots" were just a handful of dudes chatting each other up.

In the Kennedy Airport plot the "mastermind" had been talking about his plan for a decade, since he was fired as a cargo handler. In those ten years, he hadn't so much as bought a firecracker let alone enough high explosives to even dent an airport fuel pipeline.

In the Sears Tower plot last summer, the FBI funded the terrorists, even going so far as to buying them new boots. The only one of the seven conspirators who had even been to Chicago was brought into the plot by the FBI. The FBI had to nurture the plot, perhaps they even created the plot, before they could break it up.

The plan to bomb and flood New York tunnels last year had not gotten any farther than three people texting each other on the subject in an open internet chat room. The Fort Dix plot was revealed when the conspirators took a tape of themselves playing paintball into an electronics store.

These plotters are less frightening than the yellowjacket buzzing outside my window. These so-called terrorist threats are less dangerous than driving down to the corner Kristy Kreame. My question is, when will the newspeople learn they are being manipulated by Justice Department media flacks hyping nonsense into major threats?

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PoliShifter said...

It's all just a set up. The FBI gets a guy to pose as a terrorist to recruit wannabes then talk them into planning some attack.

As soon as any of the dupes say "well, maybe" they're arrested and bandied about on TV as the FBI foiling yet another terrorist attack.

After the initial propaganda reports die down, it then gets reported that such plots were never feasible...Such as the one guy's dream of downing the brooklyn bridge with a blow torch.

But the purpose is served. Bush can now reference yet another (non)terrorist plot foiled and trumpet it as a sign of "success" of the so-called global war on terror.