Wednesday, September 06, 2017

We Are All Pawns to Them

Dreamers Are Just Toys to Trump
These are real people with real lives who from childhood have as American as any of us. Yet to Republicans their lives are bargaining chips to be traded for tax cuts for the only people who truly matter to them, their millionaire owners.

The Three Steps to Genocide
As taught by Obersturmbannf├╝hrer-SS Adolph Eichmann.

Step 1: Start with deportations
During the 1930's Nazi Jewish expert Eichmann used any imaginable excuse to deport Jews from Germany and Austria.
Step 2: Force out people through threats and violence
Over 250,000 German Jews and 100,000 Austrian Jews were convinced to leave "voluntarily" because, as Jews, they could no longer find jobs and faced daily threats of beatings and firebombing of the homes and businesses. Unfortunately, this would only force out the people with the financial ability to become refugees. This fact required...
Step 3: Mass murder
Having exhausted the ability to eject Jews and with millions of Jews in Poland and the Soviet Union falling under his control, Eichmann adopted a policy of systematic mass murder.

Trump, at this point, is only in step 1.

Hurricane Irma Is Fake News
Lunatic Rush Limbaugh is telling his listeners that Hurricane Irma is a phony story created by the global warming cabal. According to Rush, by the time the hurricane reaches Florida it will just be a brisk breeze because...reasons. As for the US territory of Puerto Rico that is being ravaged by what is essentially an F3 tornado the size of Ohio, Rush doesn't talk about them because they are brown skinned Americans who speak Spanish.

My First Nigerian Letter
I got a letter today from an English bank saying that I am the long lost son of a Japanese millionaire and they will give me £17 million if I contact them. The letter writer claims to be the CFO of the bank but the letter is not on bank letterhead but cheap plain paper and was printed using an inkjet printer not the laser printer banks use.

As for me, on my father's side I am Sami Finnish and my mother was of Irish-German heritage. It's unlikely there is a speck of Japanese DNA in my chromosomes although I wouldn't reject the possibility that some 12th century Mongolian raider made a contribution to my family tree.

The money is tempting but I think I have a better chance with the lottery.

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