Sunday, July 30, 2017


There have been a series of revelations of just how psychotic the White House has become.

The Trump Kowtow
Even before the election I had noticed that Trump has a strong desire to force others to humiliate and debase themselves before him. Kellyanne Conway (aka: Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS) has openly advised White House employees that their first priority is to display "deference and humility" before the Dear Leader with the realization that he is a superior creation with no peer on Earth.

Fight Club
Trump wanted to watch Reince Priebus and Tony the Mooch fight it out in public for his amusement. Trump was reportedly angered that Reince didn't put up a more entertaining fight. This reminds me of the story of the Louisiana teachers who forced their students to fight each other.
Donald Trump wants to finish what Charlie Manson started. If you don't remember the police beating of Rodney Scott, the acquittal of the gang of cops by an all white jury, and the riots that followed, it was an event that changed the concept of policing. While there are still rogue officers beating and killing innocent suspects, it is not (yet) the common occurrence of 1991. Treating suspects with respect is taught, if not always followed.

Then there was the motive of Manson's murder spree in 1969 - to provoke race riots that would reduced society to chaos allowing Manson to rise up as the savior. Trump's call for police to routinely rough up suspects, innocent and guilty alike, will create the chaos that will allow cancers like Trump and Steve Bannon to metastasize.

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