Friday, July 21, 2017

Pardons for Everyone

Trump's fear for himself and his family is not the Russia probe, per se, it is all the financial scams they have engaged in during the years, especially the money laundering they have done for Russian mobsters. Hence he is considering a blanket pardon for the entire Trump Klan for all their various crimes. There are problems with this plan, of course.
  1. When Trump pardons himself he is admitting to having committed impeachable offenses, accepting means agreeing to guilt. There can be no pardon without guilt.
  2. A Trump pardon cannot protect him from impeachment.
  3. Pardoning the others means they no longer have any Fifth Amendment rights. They will have to testify in full; the President cannot pardon judicial or congressional contempt citations.
Then there is blowing up a bomb in the whole concept of the rule of law, ripping the blindfold off of Lady Justice, poking her in the eyes, then dragging her out back and raping her.

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