Monday, November 07, 2016

Tomorrow Predictions

I've have this kind of nightmare scenario on how Donald Trump wins and what will follow. However, I've been afraid that, like chanting "Bloody Mary" three times in a mirror will call a demon, typing up this scenario might make it come true. Suffice, it's scary.

Election Day
Hillary will win, having just under 50% of the vote. Trump will take 43% with the remainder going to third parties. Democrats will take the Senate narrowly, one or two seats. Republicans will hold the House, losing 15 seats.

Hillary will win Florida and Nevada but lose North Carolina. She'll end up with 308 electoral votes with Ohio and Arizona late toss-ups.

Trump will refuse to concede. A couple days after the election Trump will hold a rally where he will vow to fight the results all the way to the Supreme Court. He will not follow through on that threat.

Hillary will nominate a Supreme Court justice who will be quickly confirmed by the Senate after they end filibusters on nominations. The Senate will fill other empty federal judgeship as rapidly as possible.

Paul Ryan will step down as Speaker of the House of Representatives and be replaced by a radical who promises to form an impeachment committee. Hearings to impeach Hillary will begin in February.

Trump will continue to hold rallies attacking both Clinton and traitorous Republicans but the attendance will dwindle and Trump will quietly stop the rallies by early summer.

Impeachment hearings will heat up for the mid-term elections but still no bill of impeachment sent to the House floor. Democrats will add one more Senate seats but lose a few House seats.

And Sometime In the Next Few Years
--> Television evangelists will declare Hillary Clinton the anti-Christ.
--> NATO will station troops, including US soldiers, in the Baltic states as a tripwire against Russian aggression.
--> ISIS will die out and be replaced by some other terrorist group to fear.
--> Some disastrous event will prove conclusively that global climate change is real and horrible. Republicans will still refuse to believe it.

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