Friday, November 11, 2016

Do's and Don'ts Facing Ragnarök

I've made some rules for myself going forward.

Do Join the ACLU. ~ I let my membership lapse during the Obama Administration. I'm rejoining with a large, for me, donation. They are going to need it.

Do Have Fun. ~ It maybe like partying aboard the Titanic but the ability to have fun may disappear in coming years. Don't waste the opportunity now.

Do Travel Abroad. ~ Whether it's looking for possible refugee sites or visiting friendly countries before we are at war with them, get some traveling in now.

Do Organize! Fight Back! ~ I'm going to spend the next few weeks deciding where my volunteer efforts can best serve. They can't send us all to concentration camps.

Don't Imagine the Horrors to Come. ~ That way leads to madness. Better to face each outrage as it happens than let your imagination destroy you. Besides, if this election taught me anything it's that my predictive skills are total shit.

Don't Be a Jerk. ~ It's perfectly alright to shun Trumpites and boycott their businesses like they are diseased, but be nice about it.

Don't give Up, Never Surrender. ~ I'd rather be hauled off by jackbooted thugs in red hats than meekly genuflect to our God-King Trump.

Don't Panic. ~ Panic is paralyzing. Fear is paralyzing. Get angry if you must but never panic.

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Dliche said...

Thanks for the tips..Cool!