Sunday, October 09, 2016

So, I Watched the Debate

  1. The biggest take away for me was Trump's pledge to have his opponent arrested and imprisoned. That is what you would expect out of fascist Italy, Stalin's Russia, or Hussein's Iraq. It is a terrifying prospect.
  2. Trump specifically said he has never groped a woman. At least two women have accused Trump of exactly that. Jill Harth sued Trump in 1997 for sexual harassment and rape and that he groped her. Temple Taggart, Miss Utah 1997, says that Trump grabbed her and forced her to kiss him.
  3. Trump again showed no contrition for his obscene statements on the Access Hollywood tape.
  4. The lurking. Trump choose to stand closely behind Clinton as she spoke in a clear attempt at physical intimidation. Clinton was clearly not intimidated.
  5. Clinton was cool, controlled, presidential while Trump was angry and a little whiny.
  6. I loved the last audience question.
And, because I need this...

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