Thursday, July 28, 2016

Rudy's Yellow Badge of Cowardice

Trump's mad monk, Rudy Giuliani, has proposed forcing Muslims to be electronically tagged by the government. This builds on Trump's early proposal that all Muslims in the United States, including US citizens, be required to wear special identification of their religion.

Rudy, Trump's terrorist advisor, didn't go into details where the electronic device would be. Would he force them to all wear ankle bracelets like paroled sex offenders, place RFID chips in their religious ID badges, or forcibly insert a device in their arm?

Rudy would restrict the electronic surveillance to Muslims on the terrorist watch list, a list certain to grow exponentially once Trump is elected, which we are supposed to consider reasonable. Unanswered is whether the movement of those people tagged by the government would be restricted. Perhaps they would be required to stay within a walled ghetto, Trump builds the best walls.
This wall was build in 1940 to keep members of a "dangerous" religious minority separated from decent people.

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