Friday, July 29, 2016

Clinton v. Trump - We versus I

Presidential campaigns work best if they have a central theme around which they are built. Both campaigns have settled on central themes that couldn't be more different.

Clinton - "We Are Stronger Together"
The noun, We, is the key. It speaks of inclusiveness, a national family, working together to better ourselves. Hillary sees herself as part of something larger than herself. Something we are all a part of. It is a theme at the core of the concept of democracy.

Trump - "I Am Your Voice"
The noun is I. Trump is the √úbermensch, the superman. He speaks for you, you need not speak for yourself. "I alone can fix it." You need not lift a finger because I stand alone, the colossus who will do everything for you. It is a theme at the core of the concept of authoritarianism.

It is a stark choice. We Americans have a choice between being part of a larger community or pawns to a strongman who will dictate his will upon us. 

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