Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Thinking of Spiders

I like spiders. Admittedly, most are not a cute as the fellow above but, who is? I consider spiders to be service animals. They eat the little creepy crawlies that hang around my house waiting for an opportunity to get into my ear and and eat their way through my brain.
I kinda have an earwig phobia. I hate those guys. What bug needs to have pincers on their butts? Eww.

Anyway, I like spiders. I have since I was a child and read Charlotte's Web. If I find a spider in my house that I think would do better outside I carefully capture her and release her in my backyard where she can hunt crickets and maybe find some cute little fellow she can mate with and probably eat.

There are dangerous spiders where I live like brown recluse and Black Widows...
No, not her but I wouldn't mind having Scarlett Johansson living in my backyard.
but they don't scare me, we're friends.

All this was inspired by an open letter from a spider published by Pest Control Technology back in October. It's good to know that even professional poisoners have spiders for friends.

Footnote: Yes, I'm this desperate to write about something that is not named Cruz or Trump.

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