Thursday, September 05, 2013

Syria Recipe For Disaster

Take a stupid idea (bombing Syria)
Add in a quasi-rational concept (going to Congress for approval)
Mix in the raving delusions of a senile old fart (John McCain)

The result is a souffle that promises to explode in our faces.

When the week began we had the President's proposal for a quick and dirty (there is no other kind) bombing mission to punish Syria for using poison gas on its own citizens. Now we have the Sec. of State hinting at a possible American military occupation of Syria while the Senate resolution assigns the objective of regime change to the military mission. To mix my metaphors...
The Original Plan.

The original plan was for Jack Armstrong, the All-American Boy (Obama) to beat up the school yard bully (Assad) and then go back to football practice. As revised by the Senate, the plan is for Team America to ground the evil monster (Assad) to dust with our perfectly legal weapons of mass destruction then choose, pretty much at random from the dozens of rebel factions, the group that will be the American puppet regime and then use such force as necessary to compel the Syrian people to accept our puppet as their lord and master.
The revised Senate Plan.
If that sound like a replay of the Iraq War, then you have successfully entered the mind of John McCain. May God have mercy on your soul.

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