Friday, September 27, 2013

NSA Want Us to Love Their Stalking Us

The NSA is asking Americans to help it lobby Congress for their programs to compile comprehensive dossiers on every single citizen. Why does this remind me of the Alec Baldwin character from The Juror?
If you never saw the movie, Baldwin plays a psychopathic mob hitman contracted to coerce juror Demi Moore into voting "not guilty." After the trial he uses his considerable skills as a murderous lunatic to seduce her by stalking her.

The NSA is backing up it's demand by rather blunting stating that we will die horrible deaths if we don't fall in love with the NSA. I, for one, will not succumb to NSA stalking us nor to their threats. They are evil; they know it and I know it. And, no, I will never fall in love with you.

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