Friday, September 27, 2013


Found at RedState:
So...right now we have 46 senators. If we could get RID of all of these [the 25 that voted for cloture]...then we would have 52, keeping in mind that we keep who we have that is Conservative. I don't know what the answer is to Collins....Someone has to knock some sense into Maine...perhaps they will become the state version of Detroit.

Let's see if I get the math. Primary out of office 25 senators and the Radical Republicans will magically gain 31 seats. The Republican Civil War, courtesy of Ted Cruz, is disclosing a level of insanity that is both terrifying and hilarious.

I'm beginning to wonder if Ted Cruz is an undercover liberal assigned the task of destroying the Republican Party from within. That theory makes more sense than the Tea Party crazy that is actually happening.

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Anonymous said...

They really are: lurching about our polity, crushing norms of political bargaining underfoot like Gojira in Tokyo, dumb, uncomprehending, and armed with fire.

In one way, it feels as if some alien mind-control fungus has taken over the lower House. First the house on C street, then teahadist bomb-throwers.

But these are the same people mocked by Twain, the people Heinlein showed taking over the US, Nehemia Scudder.