Wednesday, July 03, 2013

The Snowden Terror

The Snowden Terror© keeps getting more and more bizarre.

Today the plane carrying the President of Bolivia was forced to land because of the rumor (false) that Edward Snowden was on the plane. Four European countries refused passage for the presidential plane, a violation of basic diplomacy. The Bolivian plane was apparently searched by Austrians, another egregious violation of diplomatic protocol. Imagine Russian authorities demanding the right to search Air Force One.

The implied, if not outright, threat was that military forces would shoot down the presidential plane. Perhaps not strangely, this is exactly what the CIA is alleged to have done in murdering the President of Ecuador a quarter century ago.

The Snowden Terror is revealing a shocking level of American thuggery. Whole nations are cowering in abject horror over what the Americans might do because of this single young man.

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