Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sister Sarah Is On the Grift Again

You know when Sarah Palin needs a new fur coat, designer handbag, or new tanning bed because she starts hinting at running for some office somewhere. A couple years ago Sister Sarah suggested she just might run for President, she raised almost $5 million for her SarahPAC and donated less than $300,000 to candidate campaigns, she spent nearly as much money just on travel expenses. 

This year is not an election year so donations from suckers marks loyal supporters are down substantially. Sister Sarah has to gin up the gifts she gets if she is to continue living the lifestyle to which she has become accustom. Hinting at running for office is a great scam. That doesn't mean Sarah won't actually run for Senate. While hinting is a great scam, holding a seat in the US Senate would be a goldmine for a thief as skilled as Sarah Palin. It's just that running for office might seem too much like work for Sister Sarah.

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