Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Stealth Romney

One of the fascinating things about Mitt Romney is his firm intention to run his entire campaign without ever stating his platform.

His major foreign policy speech is mostly about how much better than President Obama he will be at keeping secrets and not at all about, you know, foreign affairs.

His economic policy is openly opaque, steadfastly refusing to mention any specifics. He does promise to get around to those detail eventually.

The two decades of his life when he ruled Bain Capital has been declared off limits by Romney. Such things are his "private life" and has no business in a political debate.

That doesn't mean we can't deduce Romney's true platform. In foreign affairs he is an old-fashioned Cold Warrior who believes Russia and China are our only enemies and the colored people of the world are of no consequence. His economic policy is cut the taxes on his rich friends who own NASCAR teams while raising taxes on the middle class - cut spending that benefits the non-wealthy while increasing spending on things bought from the companies owned by his rich buddies.

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