Saturday, July 21, 2012

Aurora Weaponology

This, or something similar, was the main killing weapon for the Colorado movie theater attack. Apparently equip with a high capacity magazine (I found a 100-round mag available mail order), this gun was sufficient to account for all the carnage without the shooter needing the shotgun and two Glocks he also brought.

I've browsed gun-nut websites trying to discover why someone would legitimately want a weapon capable of killing an entire platoon of soldiers. They are not hunting rifles - the AR-15 is illegal in most states for hunting game. There was one guy who posted a comment that he keeps his AR-15 by his back door "to shoot varmints," although it was unclear from context whether the varmints were human or animal. Most people consider it a "home defense" weapon for those all to frequent times when the entire population of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club invade your home and you need to create a "killing zone" out of your second floor stairwell.

The AR-15 is extremely popular with the military, ex-military, and wanna-be military.

Remington 12-gauge shotgun
This gun is for blowing the shit out of something at close range. Favored by bird hunters, it's the gun you see in the front seat of many police cars. Eight rounds seems to be the maximum magazine. While a Remington will turn a person into mushy pulp they aren't a go to weapon for mass slaughter. Some 10 million Remington shotguns have been made.

.40 Glock
Famed in song and story, the Glock is really popular with gun nuts as the girl gun. The standard clip is 10 rounds but these larger magazines hold over 30 bullets. The Aurora killer was carrying two Glocks.

The Aurora Gun Club
Five and a half miles from the Century Theater where Holmes killed 12 people is the Aurora Gun Club. While I have no proof I would not be surprise if the suspect used some of the 6000 rounds he purchased to practice there before the big day. The day after the event the Aurora Gun Club has this wish to visitors

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Chris V said...

Apparently you're not a gun fan, so you're going to choose which information to present to make these weapons sound evil. If you were to consider your personal safety valuable enough to be familiar with weapons, you'd know that rifles are superior to most other weapons in any defensive or offensive situation. But this isn't a gun class - my point is that some people prefer to keep the odds in their favor when faced with the bad part of society. Put a "Gun-Free Zone" sign on your front lawn so criminals don't forget to leave their weapons in the car when they visit you.