Monday, July 25, 2011

Spending Cuts

I've been trying to decide why it is that I can't seem to get worked up about the debt crisis. I've thought I might have to cut back on my Prozac so I can develop the proper sense of panic.

But the fact is that it doesn't matter which side "wins." Cutting government spending in the teeth of a prolonged recession, a Lesser Depression as Paul Krugman calls it, is an insane governmental policy. The debate is less about substance than who will appear to have won. Whoever wins, spending will be cut about the same and the disaster to the economy will be about the same.

The debt debate is like two surgeons arguing about which scalpel to use to cut out a spleen, a number 3 or number 7, while not caring that the patient has not received any anesthesia.
I suggest the Buck 119 hunting knife.

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