Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Minnesota Going Dry

Michelle Bachmann's homestate (where serial killer Andrew Cunanan got his start) is about to go dry as alcohol purchase cards expire and the shut down of state services prevents renewal.

That doesn't mean there will be no more beer in Lake Wobegon. Homebrew bootleggers can fire up their long quiet stills. Perhaps Stearns County can bottle Minnesota 13 again. People can smuggle Labatt's across the border from Canada too, like in the old days. Of course, all that is as illegal now as it was when Dapper Danny Hogan ruled the St. Paul underworld.

What's interesting is that the effort to solve the budget snafu that caused the state government shutdown may have to take a backseat to the much more important goal of insuring the legal flow of beer continues unabated.

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