Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Poker of Politics

I think I'd rather like to get Boehner, Obama, and Reid into a high stakes poker game.
Boehner is on full tilt. He'll bet wildly on a pair of deuces and the next hand fold pocket aces. He never sticks to a strategy long enough for it to work. Boehner is so emotional he has lavish tells.

Obama thinks he plays tight but he's really just passive. He expects to eventually get a royal flush and clean up and until then he will keep to an ante-fold strategy.

Reid is a predictable chameleon, he always copies the style of whoever is sitting on his right. If that guy raises, Reid raises more; if Boehner cuts spending by $1 trillion, Reid cuts it by $2 trillion.

And all three of them love to bluff when they are holding garbage. All three play like donkeys.

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