Thursday, July 15, 2010

Treasury Sec. Millstone

What had Tim Geithner done to help the country or President Obama?

The economic recovery program he championed was geared to helping banks. And not even all banks but just the biggest, richest banks in the country. As a result, Goldman Sachs prospers while the nation suffers from a real unemployment rate of 21%.

As for helping the President, from the beginning Geithner has been the devil's voice whispering in Obama's ear, advising him to not tax speculative excess, to use bailout money to finance the wine and caviar parties of hedge fund managers but not to invest in infrastructure projects, and now he is telling the President to keep Elizabeth Warren away from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Geithner wants one of his Wall Street buddies heading the bureau to insure that the only people protected will be the high flying investment bank speculators. If Obama listens to Geithner again they will kill the CFPB in its crib.

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